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Having a social media account is fast becoming a trend for business, so we ask how important is it? and do I need to employ somebody to do it for me.

Social media activity has become the norm for many businesses, in fact many businesses rely on social media to market their business. It is sometimes the best way for small companies to communicate with the outside world and to bring in more customers for their company.

How you and you business use social media can be the biggest part of any business, we live in a very digital world now, so you have to get it right! Many people I  speak to who are running a business, say they cant be bothered it’s to technical etc. it’s maybe a good idea to employ somebody technical or hire a company to look after your social media account because not been open to the digital community could be harmful for any business.

Consumers are looking for reviews and recommendations all the time online and social media helps to showcase this. A total of 60% of decide on a brand after reading reviews and social media comments.

Can I do it myself or do I need to pay somebody to do it for me?

This can be a case of the size of your company and the number of staff it employs, please consider the following:

  • Do you have a member of staff who has the knowledge of using Social Media, not on a personal level but somebody who understand marketing techniques and post audience etc.
  • Do you have a member of staff who can run your social media on a daily basis without getting in the way of other duties
  • Is there a member of staff who can look after your businesses social media account after work or at weekends.
  • Is my branding right and am I making the most of it, to bring in new customers or entice existing customers
  • What are you trying to achieve online? Brand awareness, bringing in new customers and do I have the ability to do this


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